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What are the dangers of homemade alcohol?

A lot of people have turned to homemade beer (pineapple beer and DIY ciders) since the ban on the sale of alcohol was put in place. But did you know that making your own alcohol can be dangerous to your health? Consider these risks before trying to brew your own alcohol. The history of homemade... Continue Reading →

The “pull-out method” as a contraceptive method: Why it doesn’t work

The "pull-out method" is when a man removes his penis from the vagina during sex just before he can ejaculate or cum; thinking that he is limiting the chances of any sperm reaching the egg. Some people think this is a good way to stop pregnancy, but it doesn't work! Not all sperm are released... Continue Reading →

Do DIY emergency contraceptives work?

A pregnancy scare can be frightening and can lead you to take drastic measures to try and prevent any possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. At times girls turn to homemade emergency contraceptives, like mixing painkillers with a carbonated drink (like coke) believing that it will get rid of pregnancy. The question is, do these homemade emergency contraceptives really... Continue Reading →

DIY home pregnancy tests – do they work?

Have you heard of homemade pregnancy tests?  Well, before store-bought pregnancy tests, women used to depend on homemade methods to find out if they were pregnant. Luckily, that has changed since you can now buy instant pregnancy tests that are quite accurate. However, some people still use old school methods to test for pregnancy. Can these methods be... Continue Reading →

3 daily habits to improve your sexual health

Taking care of your sexual health contributes to your overall health in a big way. Not only will this help you avoid sexually transmitted infections and other conditions, it will also help you get more out of your sex life. Here are 3 habits that you can adopt to maintain sexual health. What is the importance of... Continue Reading →

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