Ignite Young People Eswatini

The Ignite Program aims to empower adolescents and young people to access HIV information and services and make informed decisions towards their future.

Project Summary

The Global Fund, through CANGO as the grant’s Principal Recipient, launched a three-year project targeting adolescents and young people with the aim to halt the spread of HIV and reverse its impact on Swazi society. Thanks to a $6 307 769.00 grant from the Global Fund, the project is being implemented across 20 Tinkhundla in Eswatini through Sub Recipients namely; World Vision, Young Heroes, Bantwana Initiative and AMICAALL. The project interventions are aimed at building self-efficacy for negotiation and condom use, self-esteem, risk perception and reduction, gender relations, GBV prevention, leadership and enhanced resilience.

Project Activities

In School HIV prevention

The in school HIV prevention program uses Life Skills Education (LSE) to bring formalized HIV-prevention education to secondary schools. This is done through supporting the development of LSE manuals and the training of guidance and counselling teachers to deliver LSE curricula. The program also provides supportive supervision and teacher refresher and augmented trainings addressing gaps. It also aims to improve access to essential hygiene necessities by providing dignity packs to AGYW in schools.

Out of School HIV prevention

The out of school program uses the Stepping Stones manual to strengthen relationships, promote safer sexual practices, and prevent HIV infections amongst young people who are out of school, including tertiaries. The program enables adolescents and young people to change their behaviour, individually and together through participating in peer group sessions that cover a series of modules from the Stepping Stones manual. Young women who are out of school are at the highest risk for HIV. Beyond the stepping stones sessions the young women are enrolled into savings groups, where they learn basic financial management and micro-entrepreneurship.

AGYW health promotion activations

AGYW health promotion activations are one of the important strategies to achieve the objectives of the AGYW HIV prevention program in communities and tertiaries. The Activations aim to improve preventive services and increase risk awareness. They also create awareness and strategic partnerships among stakeholders on ways to strengthen adolescent health services ultimately leading to the achievement of program objectives.


Key Populations

Key Populations Through AMICAALL, CANGO provides support to 4 categories of Key Populations, namely; FSWs, MSM, PWIDs and Transport operators. The KP program aims to increase the adoption of safer sexual behavior including the access and utilization of comprehensive HIV prevention services among the key populations. The program also seeks to create a sustainable enabling environment that mitigates underlying social cultural, gender and other structural drivers of HIV transmission as well as to strengthen better coordination, enhanced referral systems and partnerships to ensure quality service delivery among the key populations

HIV Prevention Coverage areas

Tertiaries:  UNESWA (K,L,M), SANU, SCOT, VOCTIM, Ngwane College, Limkokwing

Communities:  Maphalaleni, Nkhaba, Mayiwane, Ndzingeni, Hhukwini, Mtfongwaneni, Ntondozi, Ngwempisi, Kukhanyeni, Mahlangatja, Mafutseni, Gege, Matsanjeni, Nkwene, Zombodze, Ngudzeni, Sandleni, Somntongo, Kubuta, Mhlume.


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